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Susie Wolff fires back at conflict of interest allegations

Good morning! Happy Money Lap Live Day! It’s our second to last show and it’s a big one! John Hunter Nemechek, Ryan Vargas, Brodie Kostecki, and Adam Stern will join us.

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Trackhouse Takes On MotoGP

Trackhouse Racing, led by Justin Marks and Pitbull, will hit the MotoGP scene in 2024, seizing the reins from the ousted RNF squad. The team expedited plans after RNF's financial fiasco, with Dorna citing "repeated infractions affecting MotoGP's public image."

Trackhouse's takeover of RNF's grid slots signals the ongoing global vision of the American team. The team will adopt RNF's personnel and riders, Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez. Marks expressed excitement, stating, "Our entry into the MotoGP World Championship is another step in the execution of that vision."

As MotoGP embraces American influences, Trackhouse's strategic entry aligns with the sport's potential global surge. Stay tuned for Trackhouse's thunderous debut on two wheels. 🌐🏎️

Wolff Hunt

Formula 1 Academy's Managing Director, Susie Wolff, is firing back at what she calls "intimidatory and misogynistic" allegations following an FIA investigation into a potential conflict of interest involving her husband, Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff.

While F1 and Mercedes deny the claims, Susie took to social media, stating, "I am deeply insulted but sadly unsurprised." Emphasizing her commitment to breaking barriers for women in motorsport, she added, "I reject these allegations."

The controversy unfolds against the backdrop of FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem facing scrutiny for historical sexist remarks. Ben Sulayem defended his comments, saying, "If that is the only thing they have against me, please be my guest, you can do worse than that."

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The Money Lap LIVE | 11/29/23

If you missed the second episode of the Money Lap Live, don’t worry! Catch up on the three hours of pure motorsports madness here! This week we had Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jordan Taylor and Landon Huffman join in on the fun. Stay tuned as we’ll be doin this for the next three weeks!

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