🏎 Wolff Fires Back

Susie Wolff wants more than acquittal over collusion allegations

Good morning! In a season where we could very well see more allegations and internal investigations than individual winners, yet another drama unfolds off-track. Susie Wolff wants answers over the baseless conflict of interest claims that took over headlines this past December. She’s taken to the courts to hold the FIA accountable where President Ben Sulayem just wrapped up his own internal ethics investigation…

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Wolff Fires Back

Susie Wolff has initiated legal action against the FIA following controversial statements last December that hinted at a conflict of interest, putting her integrity under scrutiny. The FIA had murmured about "media speculation" and a confidential info leak to an F1 team principal, sparking an investigation. But after support from all corners of F1, the FIA reversed its stance, stating no ongoing wrongdoing was found.

Lewis Hamilton has stated his support of Wolff in seeking greater accountability within FIA ranks, amidst broader discussions on the organization's transparency. Wolff, undeterred, filed a complaint in French courts, stressing, "I feel more than ever it is important to stand up, call out improper behavior, and make sure people are held to account". This legal drama unfolds as the FIA clears its president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, of separate allegations, highlighting a tumultuous period for the motorsport governing body. 🏁

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