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Good morning! Hey, it’s Parker. Instead of a POV this week, I’m kindly asking for your help. There’s a man named Sax Berstappen (claims he’s an athlete or something) who has offered us many, many riches—if we first send him $500,000 due to a banking error in his home country.

Also, oddly, he requested that we create a survey for all the readers of Money Lap to help shape our future content. Funny enough, we had one ready! The world does work in mysterious ways.

Alright, you caught me. He's only offering $250,000, but the truth is, we want to create the coolest content in motorsports and we want you to enjoy it so much, that you’ll want to share it with friends. We don’t think we’ve been doing that well enough with this newsletter, and so we are ready to make big changes. But to do so, we need your feedback to steer us in the right direction.

So please, take a minute to fill out our survey so we can get our $250,000 and make way cooler stuff!

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Parker and Landon Solve NASCAR’s Biggest Issue

Could NASCAR ditch Goodyear to make their own tires? Parker Kligerman and Landon Cassill laid the groundwork on what that could look like, discussing how series-manufactured tires could lead to better races, more sponsorship $$, and even a possible revenue stream for NASCAR.

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Smile For The Camera

As the laps dwindled down at the Wurth 400, Kyle Larson found himself ensnared not just by race leader Denny Hamlin but also by the relentless grip of "dirty air." Despite a fierce chase, Larson pointed out a modern hiccup in NASCAR's Next Gen cars: rearview cameras facilitating too-effective "aero-blocking." 🚗💨

Larson expressed, "This racing, it’s really hard to pass the lead car. With this car, it’s so easy to aero-block." He suggested a tweak to level the playing field: "Honestly, if they took the cameras out of the car, that’s probably one of the little things that could fix it."

While Hamlin clinched the victory with adept air management and solid restarts, Larson reflected on the high-stakes game of cat and mouse intensified by technology: "I’m literally just staring at my camera. When he turns right, I’m turning right."

Despite the tech edge, both drivers acknowledged the crucial role of strategy and execution in securing a win, with Hamlin noting his focus on pit stops and restarts over camera reliance. 🏆

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The Greatest Day in Motorsports is just around the corner! To commemorate the special day, we’ve teamed up with Pristine Auction to give away some awesome items. Parker and Landon hand-picked and bid on these items to give away to YOU! Entries are now open!


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