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🏎️ There Will Be Consequences

Fernando Alonso ha a stern warning for his rumor spreaders...

Good Morning! In case you missed it, we dropped not one but TWO podcast episodes this week! In a special episode, Parker and F1’s Will Buxton go head to head to finally put an end to the fierce debate over track limits (they don’t). But they do have some lively conversation on the topic as well as the current state of F1, a breakdown of Logan Sargeant’s performance in 2023 and the most adorable surprise guest. It’s one you don’t want to miss! Listen to it now:

Motorsports Moneyline

Brazilian GP Driver Odds (provided by BetMGM)

-300 Max Verstappen

+600 Lewis Hamilton

+1200 Lando Norris

+1600 Sergio Perez

+1600 Charles Leclerc

Phoenix Driver Odds (provided by BetMGM)

+175 Kyle Larson

+275 Ryan Blaney

+325 William Byron

+450 Christopher Bell

+1200 Kevin Harvick

eRacr’s AI Fantasy Lineup

Based on current trends and previous race statistics here is the ideal lineup for your NASCAR Fantasy team heading into Phoenix:

  1. Ryan Blaney

  2. Chase Elliott

  3. Joey Logano

  4. Kevin Harvick

  5. Kyle Larson

Garage: William Byron

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Fernando Fires Back at Rumors

Fernando Alonso is firing back at rumors about his future in Formula 1. 🚀 A vague social media post sparked speculation that grew like wildfire. However, Alonso swiftly shut down the chatter, saying, "Just normal paddock rumours from people who are just trying to make fun and gain some followers, and these kinds of things. But I’m not into that game"

He expressed his frustration with those who questioned his loyalty to Aston Martin and promised, "I will make sure that there are consequences." 🔥

Alonso reminded to keep things in perspective. He acknowledged Aston Martin's current struggles but highlighted their remarkable progress, noting their transition from a 250-person team to an 800-strong contender for the future with seven podiums this year. 🏆

Despite the challenges, Alonso sees the 2023 campaign as a "super season" for the team. 🌟

End of an Era

Kevin Harvick is set to end his remarkable 23-year career with his 826th and final Cup start at Phoenix Raceway. 🌵 In 2001, Harvick stepped into Dale Earnhardt's shoes, marking the start of his own legacy. He won 60 Cup races, including all four crown jewel events, and claimed the 2014 title. 🏆 Harvick's retirement is driven by a desire to spend more time with his family but he won’t gone entirely. In 2024, Harvick will transition into an analyst role with Fox.

"The legacy he leaves is bigger, bolder, and better told with the passing of time," ⏳ says NASCAR executive Mike Helton. Harvick's peers praise his leadership, fiery intensity, and commitment to the sport's growth.

🗣️ "I believe he’s a very important person in the sport," says Denny Hamlin, acknowledging "When he leaves, you’ll notice he’s gone." Harvick's fiery personality, intense racing style, and unwavering commitment have left an indelible mark on NASCAR. He will be remembered as a true legend of the sport. 🏁

Read what more of his competitors, friends and colleagues had to say as they pay tribute below:

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