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The Vegas GP sparks debate over balancing sport and show

Good Morning! They say that Vegas is the city that never sleeps and that is especially true when F1 comes to town… FP2 has just wrapped up in Vegas at around 4:00am PT and it has already been a memorable weekend. Broken manhole covers, a Hunger Games-esque driver introductions, and Charles Leclerc topping both practices. And we’re only just getting started…

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Las Vegas GP Driver Odds (provided by BetMGM)

-300 Max Verstappen

+800 Charles Leclerc

+1000 Lando Norris

+2000 Lewis Hamilton

+2000 Sergio Perez

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99% Show 1% Sport

In the run-up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Max Verstappen bluntly labeled it "99% show, and 1% sporting event." Unfazed by the Vegas vibe, he added, "I like to be in Vegas, but not so much for racing."

The week saw F1 embracing extravagance, from a Netflix Cup golf tournament to Red Bull unveiling their livery in a Vegas nightclub. Despite the glitz, Verstappen quipped about the lavish opening ceremony, "We are just standing up there, looking like a clown." 🤡

Lewis Hamilton, however, praised the expansion of F1, saying, "It’s such an incredible place. Great energy, great buzz." Amidst the spectacle, Hamilton emphasized F1's potential positive impact on local communities. Will the Las Vegas GP go down in history as a show stopper or a complete flop? 🎰🤔

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Las Vegas Grand Prix

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Remembering Ken Squier

NASCAR lost a legend as Ken Squier, the iconic broadcaster, 🎙️ passed away at 88. Squier's golden voice became synonymous with the sport, creating moments like the historic 1979 Daytona 500. His famous words, "And there's a fight..." echoed through NASCAR history. Dale Earnhardt Jr. praised Squier's pivotal role, saying, "We still ride the wave of that momentum created on that day."

Beyond the mic, Squier's influence secured the live flag-to-flag TV deal with CBS for the Daytona 500. 📺 He is one of the rare NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductees to never sit behind the wheel of a race car and had the Squier-Hall Award (NASCAR’s Media Excellence Award) named after him in 2013.

NASCAR chairman Jim France noted, "His calls on TV and radio brought fans closer to the sport." A true legend, Squier leaves an indelible mark on the racing community as his legacy lives on.

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The Money Lap LIVE

If you missed the first edition of the Money Lap Live, don’t worry! Catch up on the three hours of pure motorsports madness here! This week we had BRRRAKE, Cole Custer, Carson Hocevar and Jeff Gluck join in on the fun. Stay tuned as we’ll be doin this for the next four weeks!

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