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Redbull rebounds in Japan and Talladega Nights makes a return to the track!

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SHR Brings Shake and Bake back to Dega

Nostalgia Alert: Wonder Bread and Old Spice are coming back to the track in style! The two brands, famously in the 2006 comedy Talladega Nights, are teaming up with Stewart-Haas Racing for a blast-from-the-past tribute during the YellaWood 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. Chase Briscoe's driving in the classic Old Spice scheme while Ryan Preece is channeling pure Wonder Bread energy. 🏁

Brian McKinley of Stewart-Haas Racing stated, “Talladega Nights is a cult classic and Wonder Bread and Old Spice were savvy enough to be on board with the movie from the very beginning. For our sport, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s given Stewart-Haas Racing a great platform to have some fun.” 🎥 Merch, nostalgic schemes, and in-store promotions are all slated for the fun! 🛍️

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Striving for… Second?

While Red Bull takes the F1 limelight this season, securing the constructors' championship in record time, the intense battle brews just behind. 🏎️🔥 Mercedes and Ferrari both started the season eyeing the top spot, but have now set their sights on the coveted second place. Last year, Ferrari had the edge, but this year Mercedes showed consistency that’s kept them out front. Yet, since Monza, the Scuderia seems to be on the rise.

Andrew Shovlin from Mercedes quips, “Second place is not a world championship, and if we win it we aren’t going to be as crazy as Red Bull are right now, but it is important for us and everyone at the factory wants to achieve that." 🥈

Meanwhile, McLaren’s glow up this season threatens Aston Martin's position, thanks to upgrades and Norris' stellar performances. 🌟 Yet, never count out Alonso, whose magic keeps Aston Martin in the mix. 🪄

Though it's not a title race, the fierce contest makes for riveting viewing. 🍿👀

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