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🏎 Red Bull Slips in Singapore

What caused Red Bull's historic winning streak to end?

Good morning! This weekend we were reminded that all good things must come to an end. In a surprising twist, Verstappen’s win streak and Red Bull’s hope for a perfect season falls short in Singapore.

Now the question arises: Was this a one-race slouch or has the field actually closed the gap to the rapid Red Bulls?

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Slip, Not Trip, in Singapore

In a shocking twist at the Singapore Grand Prix, the seemingly invincible Red Bull team stumbled, ending their triumphant winning streak this season. Despite initial suspicions, team principal Christian Horner dispelled theories that a new technical directive on flexible bodywork was the catalyst behind their poor performance. 🙅‍♂️

Horner remarked, "It’s all engineering stuff...we haven't optimized the car in the right window to extract the most." The team acknowledged their underestimation of the competition and some strategic gambles that didn't pay off. He detailed the race's pace turned out to be more competitive than expected, but a late safety car and tire struggles threw a wrench 🔧 in their strategy.

Horner positively noted the learning curve and praised Ferrari's performance, adding, "At some point we were going to get beaten... we have narrowed in on both championships, 🏆 which we have a chance of winning the constructors' championship in Japan 🇯🇵 next weekend."

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LA Doubles the Fun

NASCAR's Busch Light Clash is heading back to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 2024, and it's bringing a friend along – the NASCAR Mexico Series. 🇲🇽 Instead of just the usual preseason non-points race, fans will be treated to a Mexican race appetizer before the Cup Series exhibition main course on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Ben Kennedy, NASCAR’s SVP of racing development, beamed: “This is a tremendous win for our fans and our sport… I can’t think of a better way to begin our 2024 season.” Meanwhile, the NASCAR Mexico Series, which has been racing since '04, is relishing the spotlight.

Jimmy Morales, NASCAR Mexico’s president, noted: “This is an incredible honor… The competition in our series is always intense, but I know our drivers will want nothing more than to become the first Mexican driver to win inside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.



Going Global

The 2024 IndyCar Series might be headed international, and racing legends Mario Andretti and Bobby Rahal are weighing in. Argentina is on the radar for a potential international race, making it IndyCar's first venture outside North America since 2013. 🇦🇷

Andretti reminisces, “IndyCar had the best moments when it was televised in 120 countries... I think the sport is living in a good moment right now.” But he emphasizes that international ventures should not be non-championship races, stating, "You got to make it meaningful so the effort of everyone is 100 percent." 🎯

Meanwhile, Rahal reflects on past international experiences: "Australia was great... those were points events. And yes, if you're going to go all that way, I don't know why you wouldn't make it a points race."

The debate continues as IndyCar also announces a non-points event in California with a $1m prize. 💰🌴

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🔀 De Vries poised for 2024 Toyota WEC seat after AlphaTauri F1 exit: De Vries is set to join the World Endurance Championship with Toyota next year, following his departure from the AlphaTauri Formula 1 team

🛞 Pirelli explains decision to leave WRC as tire supplier: The Italian tire manufacturer will end its involvement in the WRC after this season, citing a desire to focus on other motorsport categories

🏁 Morad, Ward win under the lights at Indy: The duo of Daniel Morad and Ryan Ward claimed their first victory in the IMSA Prototype Challenge at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

🚫 Indian GP organizers working ‘relentlessly’ to resolve MotoGP visa issues: Visa hurdles have prevented some MotoGP riders and teams from entering the country

🎮 How Max Esterson went from iRacing to winning in GB3: The American driver has made a remarkable transition from virtual racing to real-life success, winning two races in the GB3 Championship this year

🤝 SRX enters partnership with iRacing: The Superstar Racing Experience series has announced a new collaboration with iRacing, which will allow fans to race the uniquely designed SRX car

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Episode 21 is out NOW! The excitement gears up right from the start as Parker fulfills a long-standing promise by joining Cameo, much to the delight of fans. Adding to the festivities, the duo shares the exhilaration of receiving a notable shout-out from Denny Hamlin on his podcast. As they dive deeper, the conversation shifts to the epic finish at the Truck Series, where Christian Eckes clinches a heart-stopping victory. Without losing momentum, Parker recounts his impressive rally through a series of 10 races, triumphantly securing a spot in the Xfinity series playoffs over Riley Herbst - a journey interspersed with light-hearted banters and a slight disagreement over one of Parker's 'meaningless' statistics. The excitement doesn't end there, as they delve into the nitty-gritty of the cup race, analyzing the tire issues that haunted playoff drivers and put Truex in a precarious position.

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