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Denny Hamlin falls short at Martinsville as a Championship eludes him once again

Good morning! Halloween and spooky season is officially over but there’s still something that’s giving some drivers quite the scare. Recently, the FIA raised the maximum fine an F1 driver could receive to a whopping €1 Million. That’s enough to terrify most drivers on the grid.

Thankfully, FIA President Ben Sulayem, came out and said don’t fear, “It’s not about the money” as he defended what could be the largest fine in motorsports history…

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Championship Dreams Dashed

Denny Hamlin's pursuit of a NASCAR title was thwarted yet again as he fell short at Martinsville Speedway. Despite a strong performance, the win eluded him, leading to elimination from the playoffs. Last week's power steering issue ultimately set the stage for his disappointing exit. "Luck is a factor in this sport," Hamlin emphasized, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of the playoffs.

Unfortunately, a third place effort wasn’t good enough to make the Championship Four. "I was just really happy with our performance," Hamlin said, reflecting on his efforts. “When you take small sample sizes to crown champions, sometimes if the luck doesn’t fall your way, you’re going to get left out. I’ve just been unlucky in the playoffs.”

Crew chief Chris Gabehart, frustrated with the setbacks, emphasized the importance of control in the face of adversity: "Luck is for weak people." While Hamlin accepts his potential championship fate, his consistent performance underscores his legacy as one of the sport's top drivers. The agony of missed opportunities lingers, leaving Hamlin to contemplate what might have been once again.

Sulayem Maintains Million Dollar Argument

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem clarified the surge in maximum fines for F1 drivers to €1 million. "The price of everything has gone up," he stated, stressing the need for stringent adherence to regulations. "Stick to the rules, and nobody will say anything," he emphasized, advocating for transparent governance. Despite queries on the specific offenses warranting the hefty penalty, he maintained, "That's for the stewards, not the president."

While concerns were raised about affordability, he stressed, "It's not about the money, it's about sticking to the rules." Ben Sulayem underscored the fine's purpose, redirecting funds to grassroots motorsport and reiterating the necessity of maintaining discipline on the track. 🔒

"Investing back into the sport," he highlighted, "we're into governance, to ensure that if rules are broken, then the regulations are very clear." His stance indicates an unwavering commitment to rule enforcement and fair competition.

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