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Can Ryan Blaney solve NASCAR's star power deficit?

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NASCAR’s New Champ

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Ryan Blaney, NASCAR's freshly minted Cup Series champion, embodies the ideal ambassador for the sport. Blaney's proactive approach to media and entertainment sets him apart, as seen in his podcast, acting gigs, and widespread appearances. With the exit of yet another legend of the sport and his recent victory, signals of a potential shift in NASCAR's star power loom.

"I’m excited to have those opportunities. You have this awesome platform now to where you’ve done something incredible (and can) use that to promote the sport.” Blaney enthused.

With an upcoming Netflix docuseries highlighting the NASCAR journey, Blaney's fan-friendly, redemption arc promises to bolster his appeal. To maximize his marketability, NASCAR must prioritize his public visibility. As the sport grapples with waning TV ratings and a star power deficit, nurturing driver exposure remains paramount. Blaney's win might not be an immediate remedy, but it certainly presents an opportunity for NASCAR's resurgence.

Haas Challenges Results of US GP

The United States Grand Prix outcome is under scrutiny as Haas requests a "Right of Review" due to track limit violations, particularly by Williams' Alex Albon. Albon, who finished ninth, faced allegations of leaving the track without a justifiable reason. The stewards initially found insufficient evidence for action. Their statement read, "the evidence at hand is not sufficient to accurately and consistently conclude that any breaches occurred."

Now, a two-part hearing will unfold. The first part will assess whether there's "significant and relevant new evidence." If proven, a second hearing will follow. Red Bull and Aston Martin are also called to participate.

Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg, narrowly missing points, has a vested interest. With only two rounds left, Haas languishes at the bottom of the constructors' championship, four points behind ninth-placed Alfa Romeo.

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