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Good Morning! This weekend, Denny Hamlin and Sergio Perez had home field advantage in arguably one of the biggest races of their season. With Hamlin’s championship hopes on the line and Checo’s increasing pressure to maintain his spot at Red Bull, this race was the defining moment of their season… Find out how they faired under the pressure and catch up on all the other action from the weekend:

🎬 Extended Highlights

  • NASCAR Cup Series: Martinsville Speedway - Championship 4 is set Watch Here

  • NASCAR Xfinity Series: Martinsville Speedway - Teammate tantrums Watch Here

  • Formula 1: Mexican GP - Hometown heartbreak Watch Here

  • Moto GP: Thailand GP - Clean sweep in Thailand Watch Here

  • WRC: Central European Rally - Championship Secured Watch Here

  • Supercars: Gold Coast 500 - Race #25 Watch Here

  • Supercars: Gold Coast 500 - Race #26 Watch Here

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  • NASCAR Beating F1 in Ratings

  • Kyle Larson & Brad Sweet buy Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Series

  • Formula E Fire in Testing

  • F1 New American Points Scorer!!!!! USA!!!

  • Parker Rants about Track Limits Again, Martin Brundle Weighs in

  • DQs in Formula 1, Plank Violations for HAM and LEC

  • Sprint Races in F1, Why doesn't it work?

  • Andretti Snubbed by FOM, According to AP

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