🏎️ F1's Social Slowdown

Has the lack of competition for a champion halted F1's growth?

Good Morning! It seems that F1's popularity explosion is starting to slow down. With the lack of excitement from a title fight this season, fans are eager for some drama to mix in with Max Verstappen's total dominance.

Witnessing the soaring viewership and spike in Travis Kelce jersey sales, we've conjured up a wild idea for F1 and Liberty Media: We need to arrange a rendezvous between Taylor Swift and Max Verstappen! On second thought, that duo might be too powerful for the world to handle and let's face it, nobody's ready for a breakup anthem starring Max Verstappen... or are they?

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Motorsports Moneyline

Talladega Driver Odds (provided by BetMGM)

+525 Brad Keselowski

+600 Denny Hamlin

+800 Joey Logano

+800 Ryan Blaney

+800 Chase Elliott

eRacr’s AI Fantasy Lineup

Based on current trends and previous race statistics here is the ideal lineup for your NASCAR Fantasy team heading into Talladega:

  1. Joey Logano

  2. Denny Hamlin

  3. Ryan Blaney

  4. Brad Keselowski

  5. Bubba Wallace

Garage: Kyle Busch

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Social Media Slowdown

Formula 1's social media hype has hit the brakes, with mentions plunging by a whopping 70.2% and new followers skidding down by 46.29% in the first five months of 2023. 📉 This downturn, spotlighted by Buzz Radar's revealing study, is attributed to Red Bull's unrivaled performance, making the races somewhat predictable and less engaging for fans.

"The social data from 2023 showed a fundamental shift in conversation about F1: words like 'boring' and 'annoying' have become high-frequency," 🥱 the report highlights. Single-team dominance appears to be the rain on F1’s parade, a shift from the electrifying 2021 season that revved up social conversations and fan engagement.

Despite the current setback, let’s not overlook F1’s robust growth over the years. Between 2016 and 2022, the sport accelerated its conversation levels by 80%, outpaced only by giants like the IPL and UEFA Champions League. Even in this turbulent social media climate, F1's official channels are still excelling, boasting an 8x higher growth and active engagements up 4% from last year. 🚀

As Buzz Radar concluded, “2023 is on course to continue losing conversation, and this pattern will continue until the racing becomes closer again.” Competitive balance might just be the missing piece that F1 needs to get its social media engagement back on track. 🏎️📈

Logano Looking for Radical Rule Changes

Joey Logano, two-time Cup Series champ, is advocating for a radical shift in NASCAR rules. 🔀 The NextGen car has made everyone almost too equal on the track 🟰. “So, it’s a spec car, alright, so everyone has the same stuff so they’re going to be close,” Logano explains. He proposes changing the rules annually to stir things up a bit.

Kyle Busch agrees but points to the underbody as a major issue. “The biggest thing for me, that I feel like is a hindrance to the car in traffic and all that kind of stuff is the underbody. They wanted a flat sheet across the bottom so it’s the same for everybody so they don’t have to police it, but honestly, I think that is our biggest detriment with this car.” Busch opined. Four-time champ Jeff Gordon notes the same, underscoring the challenge of passing with the current design.

Logano insists that a little disparity isn’t a bad thing. “The field would be more spread out as far as speed and that creates better racing,” he stated. He's advocating for a bigger rules change every couple of years to shake up the competition and bring back the electrifying uncertainty to the races ⚡🏁.

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