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Cadillac's Bold Leap into Formula 1: A Catalyst for American Fans

Would Cadillac bring more fans to F1?

Cadillac's Bold Leap into Formula 1: A Catalyst for American Fans

"It would be cool to be a Cadillac owner driving a Cadillac wearing Cadillac-branded F1 gear in the United States." Landon Cassill has a dream. And that dream is to root for a true American F1 team. 

Cadillac's recent announcement of entering Formula 1, in partnership with Andretti Global, has sparked excitement among American race fans. Landon Cassill, on a recent episode of the Money Lap podcast, expressed his excitement about this development, emphasizing its significance for American involvement in the predominantly European sport. "It just hit me," Cassill remarked, "seeing the Cadillac logo and the Andretti logo and like, F1 altogether. There it is. There's my American connection."

This move by Cadillac is seen as a game-changer that could significantly increase Formula 1's popularity in the United States. By introducing a well-known American luxury brand into the global F1 arena, Cadillac is set to attract a bigger audience and ignite some national pride. Cassill highlighted the potential this move has by stating, "What a perfect brand to represent the United States in F1," suggesting that American fans could now have a new home team to support. 

Sure, F1 already has some ties to the United States, but it’s clear that the current options just aren’t enough. With Haas F1 operating mostly out of England and Logan Sargeant’s future in the series up in the air, American fans need a true home team to rally behind.

As Formula 1 continues to capitalize on it’s American growth, it’s about time Americans should be allowed to play. 

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