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🏎️ Billion Dollar Bidding War

There's a new (very rich) kid on the block in F1

Good Morning! As the old racing adage goes: “when at first you don’t succeed, throw more money at it.” Or something like that…

We’re putting the money back into The Money Lap today as we breakdown a new ludicrous F1 bid worth a whopping $1 Billion and an analysis of the current state of NASCAR’s charter system.

Four Sigmatic

Mental Focus and Energy

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Motorsports Moneyline

Japanese GP Driver Odds (provided by BetMGM)

-500 Max Verstappen

+1200 Sergio Perez

+1400 Lando Norris

+1800 Charles Leclerc

+1800 Carlos Sainz

Texas Driver Odds (provided by BetMGM)

+525 Denny Hamlin

+600 Kyle Larson

+800 William Byron

+800 Tyler Reddick

+800 Martin Truex Jr.

eRacr’s AI Fantasy Lineup

Based on current trends and previous race statistics here is the ideal lineup for your NASCAR Fantasy team heading into Texas:

  1. Martin Truex Jr.

  2. Chase Elliott

  3. Kyle Larson

  4. William Byron

  5. Denny Hamlin

Garage: Ryan Blaney


Billion Dollar Bet

Lkysunz (pronounced like 'Lucky Suns') is fast tracking their F1 bid with a cool $1 billion backing to race its way into the grid by 2026. 🌍 This Asian-based group has partnered with the US's Legends Advocates Sports Group, as they're ready to dish out $600 million to support the entry, thrice the usual $200 million tag. Why the extra? To ensure existing teams don't see their prize money shrink.

CEO Benjamin Durand says, “Our ambition is to ensure the sport remains competitive while introducing true diversity.” They're looking to push for golden opportunities in Asia and Africa. Durand hints that they're ready to disrupt, merging youth culture with top-tier motorsport. 🏁 But with little history in the sport, they've got their work cut out, especially against heavyweights like the GM-backed Andretti Global.

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Embracing the Dark Side

Denny Hamlin, the driver you either love or love to hate, has qualified for the next round of the NASCAR Cup playoffs by virtue of his win at Bristol. Even as fans boo and jeer, Hamlin's taken a unique approach: He's owning the villain role. 🦹‍♂️

While many critics are quick to pinpoint his lack of a Cup series title as a flaw, Hamlin's journey reveals a driver that truly earned his stripes. From late models in Virginia funded by his family, to racing for Joe Gibbs Racing, his climb was authentic. In a recent interview, he emphasized "I didn’t have anything handed to me. I had to work really, really hard for it.”

However, recent on-track scuffles with fan-favorites like Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson might have shifted public opinion. Hamlin muses, "I’ve come to accept there’s just a certain amount of it that will just never go away because as they see it, on one given weekend, I did their driver wrong."

And about that championship? Hamlin's clear: even if he wins, don't expect the haters to change their tune. 🏆🤷‍♂️ "This late in my career I’m not going to change many people’s minds, for sure. I just have to be myself."


Charter Economics


Take a trip to far away motorsport lands

🤏 WRC drivers are pushing for shorter events: Some of the top drivers in WRC are pushing for more compact event schedules to make the sport more attractive and sustainable

🔀 Honda could join WEC and Le Mans: A restructuring of Honda’s motorsport operations has opened the door for a possible entry into the World Endurance Championship and the Le Mans 24 Hours

🤝 Vandoorne joins Peugeot for WEC: Former F1 driver Stoffel Vandoorne has secured a full-time drive with Peugeot in the WEC for 2024, after impressing the team with his performance at Fuji

🎮 EA Sports reveals WRC gameplay: The first gameplay footage of EA Sports’ upcoming WRC game has been released, showcasing the expansive locations and realistic graphics of the official rally simulator

Which F1 driver is set to take on the Rolex 24?: There is a current F1 driver rumored to take part in this year’s Rolex 24 with Wayne Taylor Racing with Andretti Autosport

📅 Hyderabad likely to drop from Formula E calendar: The Indian city of Hyderabad is set to lose its place on the Formula E calendar for 2024

The Money Lap Podcast | Episode 22

Episode 22 is out NOW! Parker and Landon breakdown the business model of NASCAR, dissecting if the Charter System is turning into a speculative market bubble and if the overall business model is currently broken. They compare it to other potential investments and follow the trends of sold charters to see how charters have changed in value to other investments. They then turn their attention the Truck Series, where Matty D is left without a ride for the final three races of the year. Parker and Landon come to the realization that there are far too many spooky similarities in Parker's season to Landon's 2022 efforts.

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